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The internet and steganography

The internet has changed from a promising source of information to a steganographic encryption system. The relevant information is so well hidden, that it is next to impossible to find. Today you can probably store your passwords on the internet and nobody, no even you, will be able to find them. If you search for your passowrds you will no doubt find

  • an Ebay auction about passwords
  • cheapest prices for passwords
  • wikipedia articles about passwords
  • porn sites

Most of that stuff can be dealt with using customizegoogle. Simply exclude ebay and wikipedia from your matches.

But this is not enough. There are way too many sites which only cite other sites. You find the same information hundreds of times. I don't quite understand why people bother to set up a site which does not add any useful information.

I had some hopes that the usenet will remain a valid source of information. There crossposting is  definitiely deprecated. Also the usenet is not for everybody. You need more than a web browser to use it. So I was hoping that the general public would use the web and the inspired people would use the usenet. But it seems that today even nerds use the web.

The internet used to be great for solving computer related problems. Today the quality of postings has gone downhill. The majority of postings are like

  • I have the same problem
  • Try this and that, it has helped some ...
  • Try to reboot
  • Try to reinstall the latest drivers

If we're talking about Microsoft Windows, this is not a surprise. Windows system administrators can usually get away with these three types of recommendations (click a lot, reboot, reinstall). But today you get the same kind of advices for Linux.

Maybe some day there will be a stealth layer of the internet, which is not known to the general public. Maybe such a layer even exists today. I should google for it. But then again I guess it will be impossible to find.



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