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Quite smoking explained - Part two

Oral Tobacco

Oral tobacco is tobacco you put into your mouth and let the oral mucosa (the skin in your mouth) absorb the nicotine.  Some nicotine may get swallowed and get absorbed by your stomach and intestine. Oral tobacco is sometimes branded as "smokeless tobacco".

Oral tobacco has huge advantages:

  • You can get as much nicotine as you want and when you want it. It still allows nicotine levels to go up and down but the effect kicks in more slowly compared to smoking, so it should be less addictive.
  • It is cheap. You will spend less than a quarter of what you would spend on cigarettes. You won't spend any money to compensate for the lost pleasure as many quitting smokers do.
  • You don't have to buy it at a pharmacy
  • It does not create any mess. You won't even need an ashtray.
  •  You can do nicotine in situations where no other method (including smoking) would work. You can do it on a bicycle, in the bathtub or in the gymn.
  • It does not show much. People stick things into their mouths all the time. You don't have to "spit" at least not with the stuff I discuss here.
  • There are lots of different brands and flavors.

Oral tobacco is the method which worked for me. If you are an ex smoker and you like smoking weed, then you will need to find a way to smoke weed without tobacco or you will start smoking again. Oral tobacco  gave me complete control over my smoking habit. I can now smoke a pack of cigarettes and quit smoking the next day, without any feeling of loss.

The taste of most oral tobaccos has a chilly-hot component. I believe that this is the nicotine itself, because even nicotine chewing gum has this taste to it. You will initially no like this, but you will get used to it quickly, up to the point where you even want this taste.

There are lots of different brands and I will now explain some of them. I will not mention American "dip" because I know next to nothing about it.

 Tobacco pastilles

Tobacco pastilles are small black cylinders of tobacco. You place them between your cheek and jaw. They are initially solid but may "dissolve" into tobacco leaves if you leave them in the mouth long enough. 

They come in a variety of flavors. I don't like the fruity ones like lemon or orange, because these flavors do not go well with tobacco. Licorice or anis suit tobacco much better. Nicotine intake seems to be less than one cigratte, though I don't have any hard numbers to prove that. If you are a heavy smoker then one pastille probably won't do.

Oliver Twist  (by house of Oliver Twist, Denmark) comes in four flavors with fantasy names like "Sunberry" or "Tropical". Oliver Twist should be quite easy to get.

Rogfri Tobak (by McBarren, Denmark) is pretty much equivalent to Oliver Twist. The pastilles are a bit more mushy and they come in properly named flavors like "Lakrids" (licorice) and Anis. One thing I don't like about them is the box with a big "no smoking" sign on them. If you use them in public it will show.

Kruse Nr 5 + 7 (by Grimm&Triepel Germany) are larger than the previous two (the Nr 5 is even thicker than the Nr.7, but the taste is the same). The taste is a lot more interesting. It is the oral tobacco with the least chilly-hot taste to it, really mild. It does not taste like anything you could name, somewhere between leather and plums. It is my favorite so far. Kruse can be difficult to get in shops, but they have an online store.

Tobacco Bits (large)

General and Röda Lacket (by Swedish Match, Sweden) are even bigger than any of the previous ones. The look like a chopped of piece of a slim cigar. There is not much "juice" added to them and you can unroll them easily. The taste of both of them is primarily tobacco. Switching from any of the smaller ones to the Swedish Match brands feels like smoking a cigar after smoking cigarettes. I initially didn't like them at all. They almost made me puke. It took a while getting used to the taste and to develop a proper technique, so they don't get too much saliva at once. Still I only use them like every other day.


 Snus is a moist tobacco powder which is either packaged in small tea bags ("portion" ) or just as-is ("Lös" ). The Portions can be sprayed with tobacco juice, which gives them a brown surface. If the bags aren't sprayed, then they are called "white portion". Lös is the traditional way of doing Snus, but it is messy and it shows. For most people portion or white portion is the way to go.

Snus is probably the way to do nicotine with the least health risks.

  • You don't inhale. It does not hurt your lungs
  • You don't burn the tobacco. Many of the carcinogenic substances of tobacco are only created when the tobacco is burnt.
  • The tobacco isn't fermented, which is another process which produces dangerous substances.

For this reason you will not find warnings that this stuff causes cancer. The boxes only tell you that it is addictive and "dangerous for your health".

It is not allowed to sell Snus in the European Union. The only exception is Sweden. They actually managed to get excepted from that law. I don't know the rationale behind that law, but I am sure it not for the sake of public health. Sweden is the country with the least tobacco related deaths in the European Union and the country with the most Snus users.

Snus can be a real nicotine bomb. There is no risk you cannot get enough nicotine with snus. They come in small, mini and large and then in regular, strong and extra strong.

I am only a beginning Snus user, so I won't go into all the different brands and flavors.


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